Saturday, December 29, 2007

Here we wish everyone...

Events happening this Dec

Sorry for being away for so long!
Here are some updates that has been happening around us.

Jas wanted to let Jarrett come along with us.
It was not possible during her first attempt becos Jarrett wanted to have his nap instead while we were waiting for him at the void deck.

But this time round, we manage to get it.
So she get him into the trolley & here we go!!

He is never stroll around this area before, so we be the guide & walk infront while he follows behind.

We had fun being the guide. He'll always be following behind us when we go for our strolls now.

Jas say this furstyle done up by me is a mess! Do you think so??

I disagree....

I feel it gives out a nice cresent look like of a Westie!! Or a All fluffi out like a Bichon (below picture attached)

Because of this mess I create, Jas feel that it's time I need a grooming...& off I go & now I looked like more topknot, no more fluffy fur around my face...
it sucks...I hate her...

This is the couple Cythina & Ivan that loves Pebble very much. She even wants us to walk down the ale & be her bride's maid!! Thats so impossible. I hate crowd & Pebble hates loud noise. That place looks like it'll be with these things we dislike. Luckily it was too late to arrange with the wedding planner for us to appear at her wedding. So Jas went to attend her wedding alone.

Very soon, Christmas came...
Daddy, mummy, Sharon, Jas, Jack & Jarrett hold a little family x'mas party. Shron ordered a big set of christmas goodies!! Turkey, Ham, sausage roll, roast beef & wine. But we didn't see any of these yummy food! Guess what? They all came cooked but cold & vaccum packed! Because Jas is very hungry already, she did not take any picture of them...but only these already heated & cutted up....
This picture might not look tasty but it sure smell yummy! As usual, we were not given any of these. Jas claimed that they are all very salty. Not healthy for us....

So compensate us..she bought this yummy treat!!! It's Duck breast!! It taste yummy! This has become our next best treat we love. Hope there'll be more to come!!

After all that treat....We are all filled & sleepy.....

So now it's time for bed...hope to post you more next time!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Malay pancakes!!

During the last day of Hari Raya, our neighbour prepared some food & gave Jas some.
On top of that, they also gave us some pancakes too.

Because their pancake is make with flour & egg, we are allow to have a pc of it.

Tasty pancakes

Pabble quickly have your share, I want mine!!

Yea yea, give me give me!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

A nite of waiting....

Sniff sniff....that smells nice...
Maybe I wait a while longer daddy will give me some....

Look what he's having!!! Tonic pig's trotter soup & fried chicken!! Our fav!!!

What is Pebble doing there?? Sniff sniff something smells nice....

I want to wait too...maybe Jas will pity me & drop me something to eat...bones will be fine too!!

Pretty pls Jas....dtop some for me...

For us.....alright??

Gruess what has Jas done to my top knot

Don't I look good just like this?

no no no....Jas doesn't think so....guess what she did?
She did this!!!!

Doesn't it looks like I have 2 sunflowers on my head? -_-"

Monday, October 1, 2007

Am I Jarrett's angel?

I am the guradian angel in disguise....Whenever mummy or Jas are busy with household chores, I will be by Jarrett's side...
To try get to lick his fingers...I am very curious why Jarrett seems to have tasty fingers, I always see him sucking I want to have a taste of it too. But was stopped by them...

Monday, September 24, 2007

Walk walk walk

After Jas has gotten to know Jarrett well enough, we get to have our strolling time back! Now we get to have our stroll in the morning. Morning is the best! It's cooling & it'll not hurt our paws. ^ ^
We are so excited that we stand so close to the lift's door. We want to be the first to dash out from the lift!
Oh goodie goodie, now I get to have a good stroll.

Jas says she has gained alot of wt during her pregnancy, so after seeing this new workout ground has been setted up, she do workout here!! She did it once with us along, but she finds it a hassle & we felt left out too. So best she does it alone & not interrupt our strolling time.

Around our neighoubourhood, there is a cat owner. Look at these cats around their house. Total 3 cats!!

We spotted a BBQ pit nearby, Jas say maybe one of the days she'll organise a BBQ party here with the family. We raise all our paws with agreement! We'll get to play around in the park while they have their BBQ!!

Yuki misses those days when Jac leash her during walks with her retactable leash. Now seeing those birds she no longer can chase after. Cos Jas with both of us, she can't run with Yuki to chase after the birds.

After a walk, time to have a is cooling..nice place for a break...Yuki really needs to lyay down to rest her feet. I can't wait to continue walk!!

Along our path, we saw the orchids that are planted by the neighbourhood's elders have all bloosm!! They look so pretty!! Apart from these, we also spotted aleo vera & papaya trees too!

After such a long walk, now it's time to say goodbye!!
Come on Yuki, let's go home...