Monday, April 16, 2007

Me & my Bone

Here's what Jas can think of when I am muching on my bone...
I am Lollipop-ing?
Playing a flute??

Here's the pics of it..

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I am not an Ewok!!!!

Just because I have short muzzle...

he said I look like a bear from Star Wars & kept calling me that!

I look much better that that bear isn't it?

Yuki caught in between

Well, once I saw Jas took out a plate of fresh cake called the Kuay Lapis...

I can't resist it! I want some of it too.

But hey...why am I not able to reach it? I am stuck!

Catch the glimpse of the video clip here...

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

We pick up toys from basket

Everytime Jac cleans up the house, he'll place all our toys into a basket. After cleaning up, if we wanna play, we'll have to go pick it out from the basket ourself.
Let's see how Yuki picks up hers...
Yuki Pick up V1
Yuki pick up V2
Pebble also does picks up her toy from the same basket too.
Pebble's turn
Pebble barking for her toy

I am not in the mood......

The food smells nice...but I am not in the mood....

Read more from here

Monday, April 9, 2007

Our day at Botanical Garden

Here's a little album of how we spent our little time at Botanic Garden with Jas & Jac.
It was fun! But tiring...
During our break, Pebble is still in the mood for as stroll...see how she whine impatiently for it..
We also have a little video clip of a new friend we make while picnic there!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

My Pillow & me!

Jas brought back a boster from work...she says she does not need it anymore...
So I use it to...sleep in!

Friday, April 6, 2007

New Leash for me & her!

Remember just last week I had fun running after birds & dragonfly? Jas find it a hassle to have such short leash...Plus there's so much restriction on us when the leash is short. We want to run free!! it'll be good to have a longer leash for me to run further. Especially at a open field.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Left paw right paw??

Recently Jas has been trying to find out if we have similarities like them....they have left handed & right she trys to find out if I am left pawed or right pawed.

So which am I??

Yuki and the dragonfly

enjoy going for walks...I love to discover new stuffs & creatures...other than cats & birds other insects interest me too!
This time round I met a dragonfly!!

Yuki insist on going out!!!

Last Sun, Jas & Jac told us they are going out for dinner. I also wanna join in! I insist I want to quickly went into the doggy bag. I don't care whose bag is it..I just zoom right in & wait for them to zip it up!!
Guess if I manage to go out with them...

Yuki crazy Running

Jac came home pretty late last week....
We were all waiting up for him...
When he returns this is how I show him how happy I am to see him!!

Yuki's fav pass time....

Everyday I pass my time be looking outdoor by the gate....not looking for strangers to bark at! I am not that naughty...but because....

Our weekend walks...

On top of trying to bring us for walks every weekday.
Jac & Jas make a point to bring us for walks during every weekends!
We don't ask for a far outing walks..just a neighbourhood is fine too.
When I hear the magic phase "Let's go walk walk", I'll go all excited!! At times when I get too impatient I'll bark & Jas toO!

Here's how it'll go about...