Tuesday, January 29, 2008

We get to have a share of Jarrett's porridge!

Now Jarrett is 6mths old. So Jas started to feed him porridge. Well it seems that he doesn't like it much, cos after a few mouthful of it he rejected & cried for milk.

So we are in luck! We get to eat his! But on top of his, Jas added chicken bits, celery & some dog canned food in it. It smell so yummy we can't wait to eat them!

We were waiting paitently for her to place it at our mat, but she didn't. She fed us using our spoon instead! She takes so slow feeding us bit by bit...
She's lucky we are patient, unlike Jarrett. Jas feels that if we eat them by ourselves it'll mess up ourselves. She rather spend her 45mins feeding us from spoon...sigh...

Pebble looks so messy!! After dinner she's off to the bathroom for a shower. But lucky me. I was not so messy, so Jas clean me up nicely & off I go for my nap! hehehe

The bowl all clean up after 45mins of feeding spoon by spoon.....yum yum!!

Pebble got scolding & threaten

Last week Pebble barked at our neighbour very angrily.
Jac gave her a few warnings, but she never stop.
So in the end she was being punished by Jac.

And the punish was to sit on Jac's lap.
Look at her sunken face...
looks like she is sorry for what she has done.

Pebble:"Jas, can I go now?"

Pebble: "Still can't....."

Pebble:"How long do I have to stay here..."

When Jac saw this dogs bootcamp on TV, he threaten to bring Pebble there if she still doesn't behave.

This place looks creepy & it has many firece dogs there too!
Pebble you better behave from now onwards...

Monday, January 14, 2008

Tasty fingers & a comfy rub on the back

Guess what??
I have finally manage to lick Jarrett boy's fingers!!!

But Jas was too busy to capture a pic of it cos she was busy feeding Jarrett. hahahaha

I want a pat from Jas, but she was busy feeding Jarrett. Then I noticed that Jarrett's hand just my level near to mummy. This is the only chance I have. So I went over to mummy whom is sitting beside Jarrett. Then I sat there & pretend I needed a pat...Since no one notice I were so near to his hand, I have all the time lick his fingers while mummy is stroking & patting me!!! It's tasty!!

When Jas noticed it, it's already too late.
I have already tasted it all..hahaha

Since I have already licked it once, she let me lick Jarrett one last time before she clean him up for bed time. Its not so bad after all...

But it's not going to get it the next time.

Yesterday, after bath Jarrett gave me a rub on the back! It feels comfy! He seems to be enjoying it cos I heard him laughing away.

I wanted him to scratch my belly, but Jas took over instead..maybe shes worried that he'll pinch my nipples.