Saturday, August 4, 2007

Yuki checking Jarrett out...

Sorry guys for not updating our blogs lately.

We have been to excited about Jarrett's arrival & all concentrating on his coming.
Jas needed plenty of rest, so we accompany her to rest in bed with her too! hehehee
On 23rd Jul, he finally come into the world & to meet us!!!

They did not come home on the same day. But a few days later, cos there are checking & jabs needed to be taken just like us when we are pups. Vaccinations are needed to prevent virus. As for Jas, because she did a ceaseran to give birth to Jarrett. Her wound needs to be check & sure that it has heal well enough to go home. They only came home on 26th Jul.
After that we were all getting to know him, his cries, his poo smell, his everything!!! It's really different having new member at home. We gotta get use to having mid nite cries & him occupying one of our sofa for his naps. Also getting use to Jas & Jac spending more time with him. Cos they needa get to know him better to cope with his needs. Things were pretty messy last week. But now has turn better. Jas now has a little time to give me belly rubs & play fetch with Pebble.
I hope in time, we'll get our strolls by the park soon. It's kinda bored staying home always. I am so itching to go run after the birds!!!!
Here are some pics of him.
This is him taken in the hospital. Dogs aren't allow to enter into hospital. So Jac took pics of him home to show us. He's just 2 days old with a hair style like david beckham! Cool isn't it? hehehe
Here's a pic of Jarrett a week old!! Did you spot any difference?
Now he looks more alert, don't you think?

Here's a video link showing how I am checking Jarrett out...
I sure enjoy getting near him....I smell milk....I wonder where he gets that yummy stuff from...