Monday, September 24, 2007

Walk walk walk

After Jas has gotten to know Jarrett well enough, we get to have our strolling time back! Now we get to have our stroll in the morning. Morning is the best! It's cooling & it'll not hurt our paws. ^ ^
We are so excited that we stand so close to the lift's door. We want to be the first to dash out from the lift!
Oh goodie goodie, now I get to have a good stroll.

Jas says she has gained alot of wt during her pregnancy, so after seeing this new workout ground has been setted up, she do workout here!! She did it once with us along, but she finds it a hassle & we felt left out too. So best she does it alone & not interrupt our strolling time.

Around our neighoubourhood, there is a cat owner. Look at these cats around their house. Total 3 cats!!

We spotted a BBQ pit nearby, Jas say maybe one of the days she'll organise a BBQ party here with the family. We raise all our paws with agreement! We'll get to play around in the park while they have their BBQ!!

Yuki misses those days when Jac leash her during walks with her retactable leash. Now seeing those birds she no longer can chase after. Cos Jas with both of us, she can't run with Yuki to chase after the birds.

After a walk, time to have a is cooling..nice place for a break...Yuki really needs to lyay down to rest her feet. I can't wait to continue walk!!

Along our path, we saw the orchids that are planted by the neighbourhood's elders have all bloosm!! They look so pretty!! Apart from these, we also spotted aleo vera & papaya trees too!

After such a long walk, now it's time to say goodbye!!
Come on Yuki, let's go home...

Friday, September 21, 2007

I can be a princess too!

Everyone says I am more like a Big sister...but at can be like a princess too! See this pose of mine...elegant aren't I?

I was trying to be an elegant princess, mantain my posture...but Jas temp me with treats & Jarrett. I love both! I enjoy being by Jarrett's side. I love snacking on my fav bacon too! Yea, in the end I gave up & walk to her for the treat...I have very little perserverence....I can't resist..

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Some update about us & Jarrett

Hi Friends!

Sorry for not posting these days.
We have to adjust to our new family member Jarrett boy.

You know what we have found out new babies hobby?
They love to drink lots of milk, their poo smell worse than ours & it's slimy!
Their crys are louder than my barks! They rule the house, cos when they cry everyone go to them!

Jas knows that we feel left out, so any time when baby Jarrett is asleep, she'll take time out to play with us & give us treats. She has even let us sleep with her!! Aren't we lucky? hehehe

He has grown up alot! Here's his latest pic!

This is me checking him in this new chair again...hahaha...I love checking him using new stuffs...Maybe someday he'll share it with me. ^ ^

Look at Pebble's paws. She is pressing her paw onto a clay.
Well, Jas wanted to get Jarrett's footprint & frame it up with his picture. Since there are left over clay, she also get our pawprint done too! The left print is Pebble's & the right print is mine! Cool isn't it? Now we are in the mist of choose the perfect picture to frame our picture with thisprint!!!

Look at this big chair! Could this be the trolley that Jas buy for us to sit in so I will not tired myself after a long walk during outings? I wonder.

Anyway, I also see a big basked below. Maybe the chair is meant for Jarrett & the basket is meant for me to hide in when they go shopping! yeah yeah yeah! ^ ^