Thursday, February 28, 2008

We get to share with Jarrett again!

This time round it's his biscuits!

He was having fun eating them...

We were patiently waiting there..

Now it's our turn!

It's soft & melt in your mouth not in your hands!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Our 1st day of Chinse New Year

How we spent it?
Morning breakfast was a feast!

There are 5packets below, those on the left duck breast & the bacon strips are ours, the other 3 packets, Jas said they are meant for Brownie & Patches. Well, why these again? Cos we only have the best! hahaha

Those duck breast & bacon, it smell just like the Bah Kua. They are sllices of pork marinated with honey & roasted on charcoal fire! Jas always have them during Chinese New Year. Its one of her fav.

After that they brought us down to visit mummy & daddy! Mummy & daddy always have a big gathering during the first day of New Year. All uncles & aunties will come there & get together. That is also the time where we'll have our tiny feast too! hehheehe

Pebble:"When will they be here??"

Pebble:"Yuki anyone here yet?? I am getting sleepy..."

Great...even if they are already here..but no tibits or food insight!!!

Here come the good stuff...Brownie you cover that side, I'll cover here.

What's that red packet there? Someone giving us treats in the packet?

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Pebble & the bone alone

All Pebble enjoy is bitting that bone...& what did she leave behind for me??
This old bear....

Why doesn't she share it with me?!?!

Yesterday that footbal was ruined by her & now she took my toy...
This sucks...

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A new toy destroy by Pebble

Jas blow up this new toy for us to play.
I guess she thought its a good way to let out our energy?

Once Pebble got it, she never let go!!!

Pebble seems to like this toy so much that I didn't have much chance to play with it at all!

There she is again, all hers...

Look what she had done to the toy!! All ruined!!! I didn't even get to lay my teeth on!!

Pebble: "Yea....This toy is totally been ruined by me. Pebble the terrible terrier rules!!!!"

Whatever, I rather stay pretty than to get my fur all messed up like hers...

Here's a video clip of how silly she is chasing after the toy...