Tuesday, October 12, 2010

BASF Day out & my first encounter of change of guards at Istana

The family day out was at Discovery Centre on Sat 9th Oct'10. We so happen to bump into the change of guard ceremony when we were about to walk back to Centerpoint from Plaza Sing that Sunday.

Enjoy the pictures taken on this 2 days from below's link!!
BASF Day out & my first encounter of change of guards at Istana

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I build the tracks myself!!

After much practice & learning from daddy, I managed to build the main train tracks & mummy guide me on the extension today!

Pics link from here!
I build the tracks myself!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

A terror at home...

Now it's been a yr..& Jarrett has grown up alot.

He's now starting to learn how to walk...

I tell you, we are his target!! He enjoys chasing after us to pat us!

He what he did?! He drove me to the corner!

Jas was worried that Jarrett will stress me out, she quickly drag Jarrett away. Kida are little scary when they are at play don't you guys think?? I still prefer him to pat me when hes in Jas's arms.

Monday, August 18, 2008

My Birthday!!!

Last week was my birthday. Guess how old am I this year?

I look like a puppy?? I look like 2yrs old?

I am actually 7yrs old this year!!!! hehehee...I still do look cute don't I?

Look what did I get for my birthday! My fav treats, 2 cakes & new cushions for my bed!

We love having birthdays...we get to eat human cake!! This time they bought strawberry shortcake for me. I love Pebble & Jas, so I don't mind to share it with them. On top of that, we also get another pc of Japanese steam cake for tomorrow's breakfast.

yum yum yum....

After all that good meal, I want to go off to bed with my sweet dreams...but notti Jas wanted some pics with me...cos our birthday was just 3days apart...her's was on 17th, while mine is 14th. cool isn't it??

Friday, May 30, 2008

How with spend our time with Jas at home.

Sorry folks for being away for so long...partly was because Jas has been busy with work & lately Jac is away at Swiss for training. Now mummy daddy took a break & went Phuket for holiday. All away so Jas has to take time off from work to take care of Jarrett & us for a week.

She plays with Pebble as a way to keep Jarrett entertained...

Jarrett looks happy!!

Pebble can do all the play she likes. I am a princess, I don't entertain....I am not a clown!!

This is what I like most...getting some of what Jarrett is eating...so far we manage to get his biscuits...now I am eyeing his fish!!

See this yummy plate of fish?? Sometimes we get some of them if there's spare...

Even Pebble is giving Jas her sweet pityful looks...doubt it'll work though...hahaha

Another thing we do is play catchhing....

With this terror Jarrett...it's not us catching him. It's he catching us. Sometimes I join in...but usually Pebble is the one playing along...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Baby ain't fun!

Jarrett has grown up a little now...he is learning to walk...

That isn't good at all! He loves to come chase after us! We'll always run to Jas or mummy. But it isn't helping much cos usually they are the one who are holding him. We can only hide in the corner where he can't reach us or under the table.

Why can't he just stay still on his chair like this & feed us his biscuits??

Pebble is 7yrs old (5th May '08)

What's up guys!! Hope you didn't miss us too much....hehehee

Jas has been busy with work..so it took kinda long for her to update blogs now...

Nevertheless, we still get to celebrate Pebble's birthday!!

Jac bought her a cake! We get to share a pc. yum yum!!

Not only this...Jas also bought our fav Jpn cheese cake for us that following weekend too! Boy oh boy...we love it so much!! Hope she'll buy it more often!!