Monday, August 18, 2008

My Birthday!!!

Last week was my birthday. Guess how old am I this year?

I look like a puppy?? I look like 2yrs old?

I am actually 7yrs old this year!!!! hehehee...I still do look cute don't I?

Look what did I get for my birthday! My fav treats, 2 cakes & new cushions for my bed!

We love having birthdays...we get to eat human cake!! This time they bought strawberry shortcake for me. I love Pebble & Jas, so I don't mind to share it with them. On top of that, we also get another pc of Japanese steam cake for tomorrow's breakfast.

yum yum yum....

After all that good meal, I want to go off to bed with my sweet dreams...but notti Jas wanted some pics with me...cos our birthday was just 3days apart...her's was on 17th, while mine is 14th. cool isn't it??

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Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Hey Yuki, Happy Belated Birthday!
You still have the cute look of a pup. You two are adorable!
I'm glad I found your blog. I like it very much.
Please stop by my blog and sign my guestbook.