Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A funny thing Yuki did spot on!

Silly Jas blog this at Pebble's blog which she plans to close it.

So now I have to re-post it here...

Something I did that beautify a very classic actress call Maggie Cheung....


Saturday, March 8, 2008

A funny thing Yuki did spot on!

Look at this picture....look what she did!!
Well, we are paper trained. so Any paper at our pee area we do our 'business' there.
And what sharp target Yuki did.

She help Maggie Cheung draw a moustache . hahahhaahahaha

Friday, March 7, 2008

Our day at Botanical Garden during April '07

This is a day I enjoy most. Because we get to walk & walk & walk without anyone else bothering us. We are what Jas call us "anti-social" dogs. We prefer to be left alone when we go out. We are out to enjoy ourselves, so we don't want to waste time mingling with others.

It was also the last outing we get to go before & after Jarrett's arrival.

Jas was heavily 6mths pregnant with Jarrett (you'll spot it in one of our pictures).


Now Jarrett is only 7mths old, still can't walk by himself. I wonder why is it taking him so long to walk! We know how to walk not long after birth! Now he only started small crawling..when will he be able to walk?? Hope it won't take too long!

Pictures of Pebble growing up...

Since Jas thought of combining our blogs together,

Here I attached her growing up pictures.

Have a look & tell me how messy she looks...


Saturday, March 1, 2008

Are we coccoon or caterpilar?

Jas is up to no good again....while we were taking naps she snap pictures of us,

& say we look like coccon or caterpilar...that's very rude of her, don't you think?

We shall not let her hug us tonite when we sleep with her!