Friday, May 30, 2008

How with spend our time with Jas at home.

Sorry folks for being away for so long...partly was because Jas has been busy with work & lately Jac is away at Swiss for training. Now mummy daddy took a break & went Phuket for holiday. All away so Jas has to take time off from work to take care of Jarrett & us for a week.

She plays with Pebble as a way to keep Jarrett entertained...

Jarrett looks happy!!

Pebble can do all the play she likes. I am a princess, I don't entertain....I am not a clown!!

This is what I like most...getting some of what Jarrett is far we manage to get his I am eyeing his fish!!

See this yummy plate of fish?? Sometimes we get some of them if there's spare...

Even Pebble is giving Jas her sweet pityful looks...doubt it'll work though...hahaha

Another thing we do is play catchhing....

With this terror's not us catching him. It's he catching us. Sometimes I join in...but usually Pebble is the one playing along...

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Wuffstuff said...

Nice pictures. This is a good blog and you should keep it up. Easy to say for me isn't it?. Love Yorkies 'cos I'm from Yorkshire. We had 2 ourselves but they've gone now.

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